Trade Show Shipping

Going the Extra Mile for You

When you’re planning a trade show exhibit, you need an experienced trade show freight carrier who will get your booth materials to the show site safely and on-time. Village Transport is a trusted trade show trucking company providing trade show shipping services with a personal touch. We offer inbound and outbound shipping to and from venues across the U.S. and in Canada.

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Reliable Trade Show Freight Shipping Services

  • Expedited Shipping
  • Direct to Show
  • Show to Show
  • Set Up
  • Teardown
  • Blanket Wrap

Trade Show Shipping with a Personal Touch

Count on Village Transport for a personalized, hassle-free trade show shipping experience. Our trade show logistics experts can handle everything from trade show hauling to setup and teardown. We’ll be there on time, both to your location and to the trade shows.

At Village Transport, we’re not a broker, which means you won’t be working with a third party. Instead, you’ll have direct access to a team of logistics experts who will ensure your exhibit supplies and products make it to the advanced warehouse or show site in the safest, most cost-effective way possible.

Why Choose Village Transport

  • On-time delivery and pickup, guaranteed
  • Personalized service and support
  • Setup and teardown labor assistance
  • Real-time shipment tracking
  • Expertise with irregular and oversized items

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Trade show shipping

Direct-to-Show Shipping

Cut drayage fees and handling costs by shipping directly to the show instead of an advanced warehouse. We offer trade show transportation services nationwide and in Canada. In fact, we partner with an agent to ensure all the paperwork for crossing the border is handled correctly.

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Setup & Teardown Assistance

Save time and skip the extra staff. Just as we do with concerts, Village Transport can supply laborers to help set up your booth and tear it down when it’s time for move-out. When you book your shipment with us, just tell us about any setup or teardown assistance you need.

Note: Union rules often require expo venue staff to load and unload crates from trucks.

Our trade show freight services crew will be there to:

  • Set up your booth (walls, shelves, backdrops, etc.) upon arrival.
  • Carefully break down and pack your exhibit after the show.
  • Blanket wrap any items that need extra care.
  • Load everything into your crates for transport.

Finally, our driver will be waiting in the marshaling yard to transport your booth supplies to the next trade show stop or back to your facility.

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Logistics Coordination

Know where your shipment is at any given time with our trucks’ satellite tracking. We also work with you to prepare the BOL (bill of lading) or MHA (material handling agreement). Just provide us with the list of materials you’re shipping and how much they weigh.

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Enclosed Transport

Rest assured all of your trade show booth materials and products will be securely transported in an enclosed semi trailer. And with our extensive experience transporting live events across the U.S., we’re experts at shipping irregular shapes and odd sized items.


How do I calculate the cost of shipping to a trade show?

Trade show shipping costs primarily depend on the shipment weight and dimensions. The distance being traveled is also a factor, as well as expedited shipping. The expo hall may also charge drayage and material handling fees, which are the costs for moving your supplies onto and off of the show floor.

When should I ship my trade show materials?

First, check the exhibitor manual or the trade show organizer’s website to find out the deadlines for having your materials delivered to the expo hall. Then, check with your shipping company as soon as possible to find out when your shipment needs to be picked up to make it to the show on time. Shipping early will generally get you better rates and ensure your booth supplies will arrive on time.

What are important deadlines for trade show shipping?

When you check the show’s website or the exhibitor manual look for these dates:

  • The deadline for your freight to arrive at the advance warehouse.
  • The deadline for your shipment to arrive at the venue.
  • Move-in dates and times for your setup team.
  • Move-out dates and times for your outbound shipment.