Tour Trucking Equipment

When you’re looking for an entertainment trucking company you can rely on, choose Village Transport. We have the specialized tour trucking equipment needed to transport all types of live event production gear: musical instruments, lighting rigs, stage sets, audio equipment, costumes, broadcast equipment, props and much more. We work with tour managers and production managers to coordinate event trucking all across North America, including the United States and Canada.

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Well-Maintained Tour Trucking Fleet

As a professional tour trucking company, we operate newer semi tractors and trailers that are regularly inspected and maintained, guaranteeing your equipment remains dry and secure throughout transit.

  • 53′ x 102″ air ride dry van trailers
  • Top-tier tour trailers designed for the entertainment industry
  • Vertical logistic posts
  • LED lighting
  • Straps and bars
  • Convenient loading ramp
  • Trailers are less than five years old
  • Semi tractors are less than three years old

Key Equipment Features

Vertical Logistic Posts: Our trailers are equipped with vertical logistic posts spaced every 16″ from floor to ceiling, providing maximum flexibility and security for your cargo during transit. These posts allow for efficient organization and securement of your equipment, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Bright LED Lights: With LED lights installed for night load-in/load-out operations, our trailers ensure optimal visibility and safety during nighttime operations. Whether you’re setting up for a late-night performance or packing up after a show, our LED lighting system illuminates the loading area, making the process seamless and efficient.

Heavy-Duty Straps and Load Bars: We provide twelve 4500lbs straps and twelve 5000lbs solid load bars to secure your equipment firmly in place during transit. These heavy-duty straps and load bars offer superior strength and durability, giving you peace of mind knowing your valuable cargo is well-protected coast-to-coast.

Convenient Loading Ramp: Each trailer comes equipped with a 16′ x 36″ loading ramp conveniently stored under the trailer. This loading ramp provides easy access for loading and unloading equipment, streamlining the process and minimizing downtime during tour preparations.

Why Choose Village Transport

Reliability: Our trailers undergo rigorous maintenance to ensure optimal performance and reliability, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional performances without worrying about transportation logistics.

Security: With our advanced security features and robust cargo securing systems, you can trust Village Transport to safeguard your valuable equipment during transit, giving you peace of mind throughout your tour.

Efficiency: We understand the importance of efficiency in the touring and entertainment industry. That’s why our trailers are designed with features aimed at streamlining the load-in/load-out process, allowing you to maximize your time on stage.

Experience the difference with Village Transport and elevate your touring experience to new heights. Contact us today to learn more about our tour trailers and how we can support your upcoming tour. Let us be your trusted partner in tour trucking logistics, ensuring a smooth and successful tour every step of the way.

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Entertainer coaches

Experienced Live Event & Concert Tour Drivers

Our team of concert trucking drivers are experienced with many popular live event venues all over North America. Our entertainment trucking drivers understand the urgency of load-in and load-out and work to keep your production on schedule. As an experienced over-the-road transport company serving the entertainment industry, we can also assist with route planning for the most efficient way to get between tour stops.

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Tour bus leasing

Additional Equipment

Make live event logistics simpler with one-stop entertainment transportation services from the Village family of companies. We can not only haul your production equipment over the road, but we can also transport your artists, performers and crew in comfort with our entertainer coaches. Need to haul extra gear or instruments? Add a trailer to your quote for a complete event transport package.

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